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Since it was established in 1977, First Estate Realty has prided itself on being a family owned and operated brokerage. The company was founded by Irene Wong whose family came to Canada in 1917 and made Ottawa their home. Irene was a trailblazer throughout her lifetime and a dynamic force in the Ottawa real estate community. She often bridged the Chinese Community and other Ottawa business groups and provided expertise, knowledge and a high level of service to her clients. The Company continues today as a family run enterprise with daughter Joanne as the Broker of Record.

Buying or selling a home in Ottawa is an exciting time in one's life. It can also be complex, time consuming and stressful. First Estate Realty has a rich history and we understand the challenges our clients face. Our team will use it's extensive experience to help you move from the life you have to the life you want.

Our company is known for a strong sense of accountability, conscientiousness and vision when developing investment properties, condominium, single family, multifamily homes and commercial properties. We excel in structuring and closing a profitable, mutually beneficial transaction.

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